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The Cube Disability Extra is our evening and weekend wrap-around care service, delivered at our centres. 

Cube Extra sessions provide a relaxed vibe, as it is more like a social club designed to give our clients even more social independence. Clients have control of the activities which include sports, games, interactive video games, arts and crafts, and more. They can also control the music using a jukebox system. 

All sessions include food, which clients are encouraged to get involved with preparing themselves – especially at the weekends when we host a breakfast club on Saturdays and lunch club on Sundays. Occasionally clients can order a takeaway of their choice as a treat. 

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“If you were like me, wondering where my adult/child was going to go after school finished, look no further! I knew my son needed friendship, care, the opportunity to carry on learning life skills and more. I had looked around at many settings. We walked into the Cube and my son and I felt so welcome and important, and we knew it was where he was going to be happy. Best choice I had ever made for him. It can be a hard time for any family… The Cube for us as a family has been the best thing ever! Take a look.”

Christina Smith

“You are all amazing people with great big hearts, and very high standards. We are so impressed with the Cube, you make everything so much fun and it’s so lovely to see our daughter so happy and content when she is with the Cube staff. Thank you so much.”

Erinna Lindfield

“You guys go over and above and we do notice and really appreciate it. I’ve seen a lot of Tiff’s previous groups and never have I been as impressed as I am with the Cube. Lots of different needs but everyone made to feel inclusive… If everyone in this world was as encouraging as you guys it would be a much brighter place!”

Mel Roodt

“Thank you for the support, encouragement and friendship you have shown Carina over the short time she has been with the Cube family. You are all such dedicated and amazing human beings.”

Claire Brennan

How it works

Cube Extra sessions are based on zonal areas of activities, including those mentioned above, which are on rotation to prevent two days being the same in any one week.


Our locations


Abbey Retail Park, NN11 4GL


Roe Road, Abington, NN1 4PH


Clarke Road, Abington, NN1 4PW


Tanners Gate Retail Park, NN16 8AQ

Arts Academy

Harborough Road, Kingsthorpe, NN2 8LT

Opening times

Monday – Friday – 17:00 – 20:00

Weekend – Dependent on Activity


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